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Monty of Woodland 33940 (CN)


Willow Way Nicolette

F69718 (CN)

Handsome Heights Fusilier Hank

M33287 (CN)

Wilkiegil Princess

F68476 (CN)

Hatfield Sir William

M33112 (CN)

Glencameron Lexus 69086 (CN)


Torrs Quicksilver 25409 (GB)

M32598 (CN)

Willoway Kristy

F66899 (CN)

Hillmoor Fusilier 25327 (GB)

M32093 (CN)

Triple Corners Laurie

F68536 (CN)

Benedictine Gold Nugget

M31117 (CN)

Doura Blue Print Queen

F66566 (CN)

TOWERVIEW THEO was imported into the United States in October of 2015, and his pedigree boasts a few cornerstone figures. Torrs Quicksilver was Anhesuer-Busch’s main breeding horse for some 10 years, siring many of the company’s legendary Clydesdales. Hillmoor Fusilier, and his sire, Ayton Perfection, are considered prominent foundation sires, both of which produced successful halter and hitch horses.


More information about TOWERVIEW THEO'S pedigree can be found here.

Willow Way Houston

M34404 (CN)

Wilkiegil's 2 of Hearts

F73250 (CN)

Towerview Theo

M27047, 35518 (CN)

Bay Stallion

DOB March 20, 2014