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Make Yours a Draft | Why Large Breeds, and Successful Draft Crosses

The Draft Advantage

The stigma of draft breeds is merely a symptom of equestrian nearsightedness. Our stallion, TOWERVIEW THEO exhibits traits that every mare owner should consider:

Going Big

Draft crosses are the TRUE warmblood.


Technically speaking, a draft is a cold-bood, originating from northern, colder climates. The hot bloods, like Arabians and Thoroughbreds, have desert origins with spirited temperments and higher metabolisms. Warmbloods are the cross of the two, and include the expensive European breeds and even the American Quarter Horse.


As naysayers question the functionality of a draft cross, the heavy-breed spinoffs have been underappreciated as much as they are talented.


Consistent with his Clydesdale breed and a compliment to his upbringing, Towerview Theo is respectful, obedient, and inquisitive. But for those looking for just a hint of spice, he has the ego and star-attitude to command an audience. His "hotness" is just the right temperature to make his trot lengthenings electric, his hind-end a quick and powerful machine, and his gaits beyond expressive - perfect for the dressage arena.


Towerview Theo's draft genetics also instill him with a solid work ethic and an intelligence that keeps his mind sharp, not dull or lethargic like other drafts.


His personality would cross well with hot mares, and owners looking for a mellow, but astute mount with a high degree of trainability.

Consider Towerview Theo similar to a chunky warmblood. We call him the "Sport Coupe" style Clydesdale - built more athletic, balanced, and correct than the typical draft.


Solidly built for long-term strength and durability, Towerview Theo contributes a broad chest, cold joints, powerful hindquarters, and hard hooves - all within porportional ratios.


Consider TOWERVIEW THEO if you are looking to add bone density, physical strength, and expressive action to finer, flatter mares.


Meet Airthrey Highlander (Clydesdale X Thoroughbred), the 2011 New Zealand Horse of the Year with an impressive show record to back it up.

Behind The Bit showcases several drafts performing dressage.

The Eventing Percheron has a good blog that features a very talented Percheron, Brego.

YouTube and Google are saturated with great Drafts and Draft Cross videos and photos, respectively, demonstrating their skill in eventing, dressage, jumping, pleasure, trail riding, and western events.

Candace Platz and Flynn, a draft cross, competed in the USDF Grand Prix National Championship in November of 2013.

The Trail Rider did a flattering piece, Gentle Giants, on draft horses.