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The scientific and equestrian communities are vigorous entities that are always evolving, developing, and growing. It's our job as a breeder to stay on top of the trends and breaking news so that we can stay just as dynamic as the wave of ingenuity.


Because Warwicke Hill's experience is based on scientific research and accumulated working knowledge, we'd like to pass that on to our mare owners. Consider this your personal growing library.


Periodically, this page will be updated with new, important links to great educational articles, journals, and websites.


Also, check our Twitter feed for daily updates. Think of an article that should have a permanent home on here? Send us a tweet to @WarwickeHill!


A note on breeding safety:

    There is much controversy over breeding large stallions to smaller mares, mostly propogated by those who do not understand reproduction. As WH has years of both field and scientific experience and knowledge of the subject, it is completely safe to make the cross. The foal will never grow larger than the size of the mare's uterus. Once the foal hits the ground, it'll grow like a weed.

    Consider when a 7-foot tall male basketball player marries a 5-foot tall woman - do you notice how not vertically challenged their children are? Probably much taller than the mother.